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Modern Data Solutions

Unlock the potential of data and AI with cloud technology.
We help you simplify technical integration and boost business performance.

Data Integration
Migrate databases, both relational and non-relational, integrate data from cloud sources, APIs, and SaaS to form highly available data warehouse.
Solution Areas:
Data Migration
Data Access Layer
API Gateway
Edge Integrations
Data Platform Infrastructure
Build and integrate a collection of technologies to manage your end-to-end data needs. One place for data acquisition, storage, pipelines, and governance.
Solution Areas:
Data Lake
Data Warehouse
Edge Device Registry
Machine Learning, Data Science, MLOps
Deploy ML Models to the cloud with modern MLOps architectures, inference, and then product integration. Increase the efficiency and cost of ML development.
Solution Areas:
Data Science Optimization
Custom model prototype
MLOps Foundation
Model Optimization for Edge
Applications and Analytics
Launch event-driven applications with predictive data and provide your analysts advanced analytical capability to run an informed business.
Solution Areas:
Data Visualization
Data Access API
Event and Message Systems
Edge Analytics

Celebrating Customer Success

Predictive Maintenance for Oil and Gas Supermajors

Cloud-based simulations to predict failure of equipment and improve the efficiency of maintenance operations

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Event-Driven Kubernetes pipelines for high performant at-home patient health monitoring systems

Reducing patient falls — a billion dollar cost to the healthcare system, can be combatted with help of Kubernetes Engine

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Predictive responsiveness in neurological recovery therapy

Medical devices and robotics company leverages machine learning to launch predictive models to classify the level of responsiveness of in-home neurological recovery therapy

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85% of machine learning models end as experiments. Don't take chances, work with Bitstrapped to avoid the pitfalls and blindspots at the (3) stages of the machine learning journey:


ML Readiness

  • Validate data and objectives
  • Organize, Clean, Augment, Enrich datasets
  • Prototype initial models for validation

Infrastructure for ML

  • Establish foundational Infrastructure for ML
  • Put your Data platform and tooling to work
  • Architectures to train, evaluate, validate, monitor, and deploy models

Scale and Operate ML

  • Special Ops teams to manage
    and evolve ML environments
  • Ongoing Cloud platform management
  • Roadmap planning and strategic wins