Who Are We

Consultants, Engineers, and Strategists focused on applying technology to solve business problems.

What We Do

We partner with companies that aim to grow decision making capabilities and improve business outcomes. We believe the ability to generate value for customers from data insights is the driving force behind today’s most successful organizations.

Data Engineering is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a requirement to remain competitive today and to differentiate yourself.

Work with us to build modern data architecture, develop and operationalize machine learning, and build data driven software applications.

Our Approach

Focus on problem solving, which enables us to be hands on in educate your team, while deep diving into your unique challenges. We meet you where you are, infuse your business domain expertise with our cloud and data experience.

Our core skill is data engineering, something we consider unique, yet complementary to data science. In fact, we work with your data scientists to develop their models to be more productive, efficient, and impactful to your business.

We are here to help you growth your methods of manage data, add automation and solve any challenges along the way.

Our values

Do it Right the First Time

Make the right software architecture decisions at the outset

Prove the Concept

Build prototypes to align leadership and engineering

Blame the process, Not the person

Focus on improving the process to empower the human capital

The dream is the team

Products are only successful as the human talent that build them

Lifelong Learning

Everyday we learn a fascinating lesson about software

Ready to build a solution?


Our office

371 Front Street W
Toronto, ON
M5V 3S8


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