We develop full stack web and mobile applications with an emphasis on back-end development — the glue between cloud architecture, data, and the user.

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Back-End Engineering

We develop full stack web and mobile applications with an emphasis on back-end development.

Today, there is an abundance of agencies and development shops who put an emphasis on front-end development and user experience (UX). Although front-end development and UX are important, we believe that given where the future of software is headed, back-end development is the most critical component of the application stack. Today's technology is becoming heavily reliant on computational power, data, and touchless interfaces such as speech-to-text, voice, and chatbots, all of which are influenced more by back-end than by front-end logic. Our cloud and data services compliment our back-end development.

We provide back-end centered full-stack software development for interactive, event-driven, and disruptive solutions on the web and mobile device.

API Integrations

APIs provide a way to take advantage of existing solutions without having to develop new ones. APIs allow your existing software to communicate with third-party software in order to integrate new functionality or value offered by the third party. APIs offer advantages including:

  • Automation: Connecting your software to an API allows you to handoff tasks for automation. Trustworthy third-parties can often add value to your existing products with new world-class functionality.

  • Remain Relevant: APIs allow you to take advantage of industry innovation, without having to re-create existing technology. For example, adopting touchless interfaces in applications such as voice or chatbots can be integrated into your existing products using open-source APIs.

  • Product Innovation: By carefully selecting and integrating certain APIs, it is very possible for you to develop products that are innovative or disruptive. Being the first to use APIs for certain use cases or combining certain APIs in a novel way, brings way to customer experience innovations or competitive differentiation.

Full Stack Development

We offer full stack development services for the web and for mobile, specializing in programming and back-end development over aesthetics and user interface. Our technologies of choice include NodeJS and Python for web backends and Swift and Java for native mobile development. Our experience includes:

  • Real-time Chat

  • Payments & Ecommerce

  • Touchless Interfaces

  • End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)