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Unlock the value to your business

Rich Customer Intelligence

Unify customer data from various sources, providing a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and preferences

Understand each customer's unique preferences, behaviors, and interactions with the brand

ML Predictions

Machine learning and predictive analytics in customer data platforms provide valuable insights into customer behavior, optimizing marketing and sales activations through the prediction of optimal strategies

Increase outbound sales and marketing conversion, qualified lead count, and sales


CDPs provide a comprehensive view of each customer, enabling your business to personalize experiences, marketing, and sales activations, such as targeted advertising, product recommendations, and personalized messaging

Drive customer loyalty, conversion, and a differentiated experience

Solution Accelerators

Accelerate time-to-market with pre-designed and proven use cases

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We loved working with Bitstrapped. They are a highly skilled team with excellent communication and project management skills, as well as the ability to deliver projects on time. We worked closely with the delivery team who always made sure to go above and beyond to ensure that we are happy with the final product. They were also flexible to adjust the scope based on our needs which was super useful to us. We are very satisfied and impressed with the whole team's service. We look forward to continuing working with Bitstrapped to develop our MLOps.

Nileena Thomas
R&D Engineer
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