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Access hundreds of online apparel brands guaranteed to fit your body.

The Objective

We needed to integrate body scanning technology, create fit a algorithm which would match 1000's of garments to over 150 body measurements to find perfect fit for customers. The fit data had to be highly available to brands and customers in the cloud, scalable and ready for Machine Learning.

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Technology to match garments to body measurements

Passen has partnered with Bitstrapped to advance body measuring technology to provide customers with a novel ecommerce platform which integrates data from top brands. Through the combination of advanced 3D body recognition and garment recognition technology, Passen fit' algorithm references over 150 body measurements in seconds ensure fit for customers.


Passen Inc

Mobile counseling for those suffering from mental health

The Objective

We needed to launch a cross-platform mental health chat application with secure end-to-end encryption, and high availability. This application needed to scale to partners who could customize their instance to offer peer support, professional counseling and resources relevant to their populations. This application had to be healthcare grade and PIPEDA/HIPPAA compliant.


Real-time peer support and counseling right from your mobile device

A secure mobile chat for peer support and professional counseling

BeanBagChat™ partnered with Bitstrapped to scale a multi organization back-end with organisations such as George Brown College, the Toronto District School Board and Stella’s Place. Bitstrapped designed an architecture for fault tolerant cloud messaging, and best-in-class end-to-end encryption, chat analytics, and advanced data workflows.

uncover. discover. recover.

Stella's Place Inc

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