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Let’s co-create your solution, together.

We are a software development team. We use agile methodologies to design, code and launch software. We work with small business, tech innovators & large companies.

Our Design Lab approach lets you understand the problem and the solution potential.

Our Services

Web Applications

Whether you are a founder, small business or have an existing platform, we build solid web architecture for scaling users. We code clean interfaces, APIs and micro services in the cloud.

Build a website


We do native iOS & Android development, or provide a cross-platform strategy. If you do not have a mobile dev team, enlist us to join your team and code a full scale mobile app.

Build an app


We answer tough questions about product design, technology, and development costs. Our combined experience and research will help you carve out a resiliant strategy to grow.

Seek Advice

Technical Partner

If you are a non-technical founder with no developer, we can build your MVP and support it. We will join your project, build the full-scale product, then transition code to your dev team.

Partner with us

Bitstrapped Thinking

Create rapid software iterations without sacrificing product quality

Write software to create interactions amongst people

Deliver platforms to evolve your business