Data and Machine learning in healthcare to improve patient health, care and experience

Healthcare solutions to improve human condition, outcomes and experience. The opportunity to disrupt healthcare requires the ability to overcome unique data challenges for privacy and residency. Re-Imagine your healthcare data systems to accelerate effectiveness of care and improve access to healthcare. Apply machine learning to drug discovery, research and generate insights from large health studies to better understand disease and treatment. The cloud has opened up opportunities for at home monitoring, remote health and real-time provider care.


  • Data Governance is not a priority. Data is not clean, accurate and standardized. Merging data requires manual and expensive workflows
  • Electronic health records (EHR) are difficult to extract data from and customize to produce actionable insights for patients
  • Data cleansing and scrubbing is often optional and not using the latest techniques in ML and to improve accuracy and integrity
  • Healthcare data storage is limited to on-premise systems which is expensive to scale, creates data silos, poor disaster recovery
  • Data Security  is harder to achieve without without the latest in cloud technology for personal health information (PHI)
  • Data access is a major challenge for healthcare systems, because of interoperability problems, systems lack usable data access layers


Health Research Platform

Health research platforms are the next generation in research collaboration for research to apply data science to data to understand disease and improve health for the population. Data platform combines data governance, advanced pipelines for epidemiology data, with an analytical engine to run advanced models. The platform is powered by open source software libraries created by top healthcare PhDs and engineers.

Patient Remote Monitoring

The advent of smart devices for measuring blood pressure, oxygen, and temperature has unlocked the ability for patients to stay home, yet have access to providers in real-time. Remote patient monitoring systems require top level device security, embedded programming and advanced data pipeline to push patient data security to the cloud. Practitioners can use healthcare portals to reach patients and provide care in real-time, powered by event driven data pipelines and advance  warehousing techniques.

Patient Remote Treatment 

Launch apps that empower the patient experience. Include remote therapy, real-time chat with practitioners, AI chatbots and health intelligence for clinics. 

Our Services

Mobilize the power of data, analytics and machine learning in the cloud to make your business highly efficient and competitive. We help you navigate the complexity of technical integration.

Data Platforms
Consolidate data in various formats, stored in various locations, with varying update frequencies to democratize access and produce the volume and quality of datasets required for machine learning.

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Event-Driven Kubernetes pipelines for high performant at-home patient health monitoring systems

Reducing patient falls — a billion dollar cost to the healthcare system, can be combatted with help of Kubernetes Engine

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Predictive responsiveness in neurological recovery therapy

Medical devices and robotics company leverages machine learning to launch predictive models to classify the level of responsiveness of in-home neurological recovery therapy

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