Liberate retail data for high performance omni-channel platforms. Integrate data from all sources to grow sales metrics

Redesign your omni-channel experience to meet the demand of customers for personalized experiences. Build data systems to enable real-time response to e-commerce and post-purchase interaction. Introduce advanced predictive capability with Machine Learning to better understand customer behavior and segmentation. A/B test and validate product features to improve customer loyalty.


  • Retail Data sources are vast, from internal and external apis, often siloed and disconnected
  • Third-party data is less reliable as pixels and cookies are slowly dying, combined with strict web data privacy regulations
  • Companies must shift towards first and zero-party data to optimize Customer Experience (CX)
  • Customers’ craving personalized experiences and their expectations are higher than ever
  • Retail organizations lack advanced customer sales forecasting and predictive capabilities 
  • Retail organizations lack data automation functions, causing manual DevOps. 
  • Leadership cannot focus on retail business strategy


Real-Time Retail Data Platform

Build an advanced data warehouse with data pipelines, scheduled jobs and high availability. Integrate multiple, disparate and siloed data sources from internal systems and third party APIs, while providing a consistent access layer.

ML for Retail

Launch recommendation engines with customer data and external sources. Build MLOps pipelines with continuous deployment to production. Test your models live in products and customers with A/B Testing.

Predictive Analytics

Apply statistical models on historical data and identity patterns and opportunities to improve retail service.

Our Services

Mobilize the power of data, analytics and machine learning in the cloud to make your business highly efficient and competitive. We help you navigate the complexity of technical integration.

Stream and Batch Systems
Make data more organized, useful, and accessible from the instant it is generated. Stream in real-time or batch upload from source to destination. Perform ELT or ETL. Achieve unlimited scale with Google Cloud Dataflow.

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