About Bitstrapped

Analytical, yet creative.
Risk takers, yet data driven.
Artists, yet engineers.
Friendly, yet results oriented.

What We Do

Businesses fail to apply machine learning (ML) to produce bottom line business value. In fact, only 15% of models end up in use in day-to-day business. Wow right? We have set out to solve for this industry problem.

ML is not "new science", it has been in practice since the 1940s. What is new, is operating this technology at scale in today's dynamic and demanding technology landscape.

Organizations fail to put machine learning into practice due to the challenges of "operationalizing" the models. 9/10 businesses lack best-in-class cloud architecture and are void of an operating model for ML. This is critical to integrate and scale the technology in applicable business settings.

To be successful at ML you need to develop MLOps capabilities — that is, combine best-in-class cloud infrastructure, best practices, and an operating model for your team. This is where we shine.

We see MLOps as a solution that solves for people, technology, and businesses challenges that arise with machine learning.

People — MLOps introduces a cultural shift from an over reliance and emphasis on data science to adopting a model that sees data science, ML engineering, and cloud architects working together seamlessly to ship models along a pipeline to production. What makes this possible is the right cloud architecture. Technology — your cloud should be designed with a set of best practices and provide teams with automation in tricky areas of ML at scale like maintaining quality and adapting to changes in data. Now leaders must capitalize on these capabilities. Business — MLOps enables businesses to evolve to be multi-model, multi-product machine learning organizations. Machine learning can bring innovation into all aspects of the business, your competitive advantage.

Along with MLOps, Bitstrapped supports our customers in the areas complementary to MLOps, that is data platforms—ingestion, processing, data lakes, warehousing, and analytics.

Leadership Team

Adam Thorsteinson

Data Scientist

Ato Mensah


Beatrice Bu

Senior Data Engineer

Beri Vural

Project Management

Jesse Albiston


Saif Abid

Chief Technology Officer

Wes Wright


100% of our architects are Google Cloud Professionally Certified

Our Values

1. Do it right the first time

Make the right architecture decisions at the outset.

2. Prove and then move

A culture of data driven validation leads to smarter decisions.

3. Blame the process, not the person

Improve the process to see fewer human errors.

4. The dream is the team

Architects are incredibly hard to find. We hire the best.

5. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable

Consulting is a noble calling. Be transparent and honest.

6. Always Consult instead of Sell

We earn business by delivering value you want more of.