GenAI and Conversational Commerce in Retail

Finetuned Series

Wednesday, October 11, 2023
4:00 pm
60 minutes
Virtual / Remote
In partnership with

Finetuned, a GenAI Series w/ Bitstrapped

Powered by Generative AI (GenAI), Conversational Commerce is transforming how retail businesses interact with customers.

In this session, AI experts, Saif Abid and Kidus Anteneh Adugna, will provide a deep dive into how the technology is changing the industry by enhancing customer interactions, offering personalized shopping experiences, and driving sales growth.

The webinar will feature architectural diagrams, a live demonstration, and practical use cases to illustrate the power of GenAI in the retail sector.


  1. Introduction to GenAI in Retail
  2. Introduction to Conversational Commerce and Retail Transformation
  3. Explore practical scenarios where GenAI can be applied in retail
  4. Experience a live demonstration of GenAI in action within a retail context
  5. Discuss the tangible benefits that GenAI offers to retailer
  6. Challenges and Considerations
  7. Technical Deep Dive on Conversational Commerce
  8. Q&A Session
  9. Closing Remarks

What you'll learn

  • Gain insights into the potential of Conversational Commerce in retail.
  • Understand how Generative AI (GenAI) is revolutionizing customer interactions.
  • Explore the architectural framework behind GenAI in retail.
  • Engage in a live demonstration showcasing GenAI's capabilities.
  • Discover practical use cases and real-life applications of GenAI in retail.
  • Learn how GenAI can improve customer experiences, boost sales, and streamline operations.


Saif Abid

Chief Technology Officer


Kidus Anteneh Adugna

Customer Engineer, GenAI Expert

Google Cloud
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