Database Modernization Service

While legacy databases have served businesses well for many years, their limitations become increasingly apparent as data volumes grow and technology evolves, which can slow down your organization's digital transformation journey. Our Database Modernization Service offers a streamlined approach to migrate to next-generation solutions, empowering you with enhanced performance, robust security, and unparalleled scalability.

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Guaranteed Uptime: Migrate your databases with minimal disruption to your daily operations.
Proven Migration Methodology: Leverage our battle-tested approach and team of experienced data experts to guarantee a secure and efficient migration process.
Cost-Optimized Solutions: Reduce your total cost of database ownership through a combination of competitive service fees and Google program subsidies.


Modernize Your Databases. Unify Your Data Ecosystem.

Our Database Modernization Service unlocks the true potential of your data by facilitating a strategic migration to modern, secure, and scalable database solutions. This empowers you to achieve peak performance, strengthen data security, and establish a foundation for future growth.

The Main Problem

Is Legacy Database Infrastructure Holding You Back?

Legacy database systems can be a significant blocker to organizational agility and growth. As they were often designed for a different era, they can be struggling to handle the exponential growth of data in today's digital world. Adding new data can become difficult and slow, affecting performance and limiting your ability to adapt to changing business needs.

Limited scalability and performance degradation
Increased security risks that expose businesses to potential data breaches
Integration and compatibility challenges

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Pain Point #1

Struggling with Performance Degradation

Imagine a busy e-commerce platform experiencing sluggish loading times due to an overloaded legacy database. Users become frustrated, abandoning carts and impacting your bottom line. As your data volume grows, legacy databases can become slow and unresponsive, leading to:

  • Slow Query Times: Simple tasks like searching or retrieving data become time-consuming, hindering user experience and staff productivity.
  • Application Outages: Increased strain on the database can lead to crashes and service disruptions, impacting business continuity and customer trust.
  • Limited Growth Potential: Scaling your business with a legacy database becomes a challenge, restricting your ability to capture new opportunities and market share.

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Pain Point #2

Data Security Vulnerabilities

A data breach can be devastating for any business. Legacy databases might not offer:

  • Encryption: Sensitive data like customer information may be stored in plain text, making it vulnerable to unauthorized access.
  • Advanced Authentication: Limited user access controls can increase the risk of internal security breaches.
  • Regular Security Updates: Legacy systems may not receive regular security updates, leaving them susceptible to known vulnerabilities.

Pain Point #3

Integration and Compatibility Challenges

Modern businesses rely on a diverse ecosystem of applications and tools. Legacy databases might struggle to integrate seamlessly with these technologies, creating roadblocks to innovation:

  • Data Silos: Information remains trapped within the legacy system, limiting your ability to gain valuable insights from a holistic view of your data.
  • Slower Development Cycles: Integration complexities can slow down the development and deployment of new applications that could enhance your business.
  • Limited Cloud Adoption: Compatibility issues with cloud platforms can restrict your ability to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud.

By addressing these limitations, modern database solutions empower businesses to unlock the true potential of their data, fostering agility, security, and long-term growth.

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JP Grace
Chief Technology Officer

As our customer base grew, we ran into PostgreSQL vertical scalability limits and problems like CPU, memory and connection exhaustion. We were thrilled the solution gave us a drop-in PostgreSQL replacement with much more efficient reads and writes. The solution requires less CPUs to hit our throughput and latency goals, lowering our cost by 40-50% and preparing us for the next phase of customer growth.

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