Accelerated Development: Get your AI projects off the ground quickly with our proprietary code library and templated infrastructure.
Innovation: By removing the barrier of starting from scratch, customers can focus on innovation and creativity, driving greater competitiveness in their industries.
Reduced Overall Cost: Accelerated development and streamlined processes reduce development time and resource utilization, saving significant time and resources.


Bring Your AI Ideas to Life, Better and Faster.

With Bitstrapped’s GenAI POC Accelerator, we leverage our proprietary library to reduce the time needed to complete proof of concepts by 75%. In just 3 weeks, you’ll have a fully piloted and tested AI use case, ready for the next steps.

The Main Problem

The Challenges of AI Development

Developing AI solutions from scratch can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Organizations often struggle with the complexity and high costs associated with creating robust AI prototypes and proof of concepts.

Lengthy development cycles delay business outcomes.
High development costs strain finances.
Complex AI implementation reduces efficiency.

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Pain Point #1

Extended Timelines

Traditional AI development often results in long project timelines, delaying business benefits and impacting your competitive edge. Slow timelines can hinder innovation and responsiveness to market changes.

GenAI POC Accelerator significantly shortens development cycles by leveraging a pre-built library and templated infrastructure, allowing you to realize business benefits faster and stay ahead of the competition.

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Pain Point #2

Significant Resource Allocation

Building AI solutions from scratch requires a lot of time and skilled resources. This can strain budgets and divert attention from core business activities, limiting your ability to focus on strategic goals.

By using the GenAI POC Accelerator, you can reduce the need for extensive resources and time investment, freeing up your team to concentrate on strategic initiatives while maintaining budget efficiency.

Pain Point #3

Implementation Challenges

Implementing AI can be complicated and challenging for non-AI natives, let alone having to keep up with all the updates on new technologies. These challenges can prevent you from fully leveraging AI’s potential to drive innovation and improve operations.

GenAI POC Accelerator simplifies the implementation process with pre-programmed functionality and infrastructure as code, ensuring a smoother, more efficient development journey and enabling you to focus on innovation and operational excellence.

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As our customer base grew, we ran into PostgreSQL vertical scalability limits and problems like CPU, memory and connection exhaustion. We were thrilled the solution gave us a drop-in PostgreSQL replacement with much more efficient reads and writes. The solution requires less CPUs to hit our throughput and latency goals, lowering our cost by 40-50% and preparing us for the next phase of customer growth.

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